About Me

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Here I am with my mother when I was about 18 months old. My mother sent this picture to my father. He was overseas fighting in the war.

I was born in 1940 so that makes me in my 70’s . I have been around for a long time and have experienced many changes over the years. During my younger years I would never of thought that I would have written a good book.

About 10 years ago I thought I would like to write a book about my life. I have a lot to say and I believe it would be good to pass on to the world some of my wisdom that I do believe I paid the price for.
The idea to write my story was in the year 2000.( The new millennium.)
The desire to begin writing my book wasn’t until the beginning of 2007. I loved every moment of it, the words just came and it was as if something inside of me was writing my book for me.
I wrote my book day and night and most weekends. Eventually I finished it. It took nine months, (the same time for a baby to be born.)
I asked three people to read it to see if they thought it was worth a try to have it published as I had never written a book before and wasn’t sure if anyone would like it.
To my surprise they loved it. It took another nine months to find a publisher. I found Athena Press from Twickenham, UK. They helped me get all the necessary work done for my book to go on the market. This took another nine months for my book to be ready to be published. It was released on the 10th October 2009.
I am now experiencing the joy of many people giving me excellent reviews.
I have four children, three daughters and one son. I have seven granddaughters. They are the sunshine of my life. Sewing is also a hobby of mine and I spend many an hour repairing leather goods.

When I was fifty, I learned to ski. I learned in Canada in the Canadian Rockies. It was a wonderful experience to ski down a mountain side in the snow. We what you called skied out the mountain, it was about six miles. The view was majestic. The cold breeze blowing against my face was exquisite, shear joy, but scary. I loved how I mastered my direction, a small twist of the hip’s and tiny lean to the side. I felt so alive.
I was in Al-anon at that time. I went to my first Al-anon meeting when I was 48 years old. Life began to turn around slowly after that. I began to find myself.
When I was sixty I learned to ride a bike again. I was a child when I last rode a bike so it wasn’t easy beginning again at sixty. I rode along the river Thames from Richmond right down to Walton-on Thames, and back again. I did this with my much loved sister-in law, Terry was there too. You can read about my relationship with Terry in my book; The Price of Wisdom.
Now that I’m seventy, I’m learning to play golf. I must say it’s not as easy as it looks.
I keep practising.
I go to Australia quite often because my eldest daughter lives there with her husband and two children. I used to go every year. I try to go every other year now. I miss my family over there.
I have a son who likes to play the guitar, sings and writes his own music. I enjoy going to see him perform. I’m a proud mum.
I live in a three bedroom house with a large garden and sometimes I do a little gardening.
I always wanted a car where the hood came down with a push of a button. So be it, I have my car. I love to pick up my grandchildren from nursery and school with the hood down and them in the back. It’s a real joy ride for them.
My social life is the theatre and having a meal with my friends in my golf club.
I have reunited with my old friend from the past; we go back to almost sixty years. She’s also in my story.
The last two pages of my book describe how I think and live to-day.
I state; Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will, change.
So be it, so it is.
Kate Townsend.