Drinking Problem?

Is someone’s drinking affecting your life?

Alcoholism! What is it? You probably have a good idea if you have been experiencing some of the problems related to drinking too much.
It’s a very powerful disease. Many people have suffered the jackal and Hyde behaviour. It’s a condition that affects at lease six people close to the one who is drinking and they too become at dis-ease themselves. It brings out a lot of anger and things get said that later you regret. You can talk to the person who drinks forever, there won’t be any change. It’s a fact that this disease gets worse, it’s a progressive illness and it’s also a killer.
The alcohol in time will affect the mind. I believe this because I have experience the change of character from the person I once loved. I experienced this person disappearing over time. It was something like Alzheimer’s disease.
To-day I have come to believe that there is an entity that comes from the dark side of life and this entity takes over the mind of the person that does the drinking, it’s like one has been possessed. You can look at it another way: It’s like a virus. Something like the HIV virus which hides in your cells to work out your immunity system, then after a few years you get Aids which kills you because you have no immunity to fight the virus that’s attacking you. ‘Therefore this entity must have intelligence.’
I have experienced this mind disease working in my mind; Have you experienced the constant chatter that goes on in your mind? It never stops. This I believe is the disease at work; it’s gets to know all about you and plays on your ego. That’s the part of you that wants to run the show so to speak, your thoughts become its thoughts. You will think it’s you. But it’s cunning and knows how to trigger you off. It’s not you it’s the ‘mind disease’. I believe this so called entity is behind all additive personalities, it controls the desire to drink, over eat, to take drugs and many other additive problems. It claims its victim from those that have low self esteem, those that are disconnected from their source of creativity. In other words their higher power.
You can read about my experiences of the mind disease in my book.
Sound crazy but its so cleaver, you will think drinking is good and you like the way you feel when you are out of it. “It’s the disease that feels good.” It loves to have control of you and gets you into all sorts of harm. It feeds on the energy that comes from dysfunction.
If you think that I am telling you the truth, then that’s good because you can get help. You need to accept the first step You’re powerless over alcohol and your life has become unmanageable and that you have this disease and know you cannot control it. It’s too cleaver for most of us. I believe the only way to get this ‘mind disease’ arrested, is to go to meetings and listen to others. Only another alcoholic can help you. You will find them at AA meetings. There is a book that tells all about Alcoholism. They call it the ‘Big Book’. The founders of AA say; when you talk to another recovering alcoholic you will lose the desire to drink. But this disease will put up a fight to keep you its prisoner; it will tell you that you don't have a problem.
The only way forward is to go to AA meetings and listen to others that have the same disease. They say, they can only stay sober “A day at a time.” All you can do is say you want to stop drinking. Know that you can’t do it alone, and be willing to go to any lengths to stay sober.

The families and friends of alcoholics

This disease is what I lived with for over 20 years and it almost killed me. I was close to suicide because of the cunning way this disease works on the emotions. I lived with a person who drank alcohol all the time, everywhere we went there had to be alcohol on the seine. Living with a heavy drinker was a living hell. It’s was like a spiritual warfare that was going on, that’s why I looked for help in the church. I was being emotionally battered and sometimes physically. I became so ill in my mind, body and spirit, I prayed for help.
I found that help when I went to an Al-anon meeting. I found this meeting when I rang the AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) they told me to go to this meeting that was for the families and friends of alcoholics. I needed help to understand how to protect myself from this illness of the mind. Read about how I recovered the affects of someone else drinking in my book ‘The Price of Wisdom’
I learned from these meetings that the person who drank and couldn’t stop had an illness, called denial. The disease won’t let you become aware of it. That’s why this problem is so vast; so many people have it and don’t know they aren’t in control.
If this is the road you are going down you will be taken prisoner, and your family. This disease has no mercy. It will destroy you if you don’t understand what you are dealing with, it will take away your love ones and you will find yourself in hell if you don’t get it arrested.
 Just look around and you will see how this dark side of life is working, for example; the stabbings, the child abuse, the wars and broken marriages, many, many things that the world has endured over the centuries. There is a dark side to life and we have to be wise to protect ourselves.
There is also a light side that I believe we have come from, creation! Look at the beauty and you will see the higher power at work which is stronger than the dark.
 Maybe you could see it this way, if you go into a dark room with no light on, you will be blind, if you light a candle you will see a little of what's in the room. The more light you let in your life the more you will see and understand. The more meetings you go to, the more you will see. You will begin to see how this disease has been working in your mind. I believe talking to those who have been there and been battered by this disease of the mind, is exposing the disease, then you will see how their story, is your story. Also you will slowly see how you have changed to be some one you don't want to be.
Read all about how alcohol ended my marriage in my book “The Price of Wisdom”
The way I portrayed working the steps is easy reading, which doesn’t intellectualise recovery. My recovery through the twelve step programme of Al-Anon and AA is a remarkable tale. I do believe my story will be an inspiration to both people who suffer from addiction problems, primarily alcohol and those who have suffered from addiction from somebody else’s drinking.

Kate Townsend.