Reviews of my book; The Price Of Wisdom.

Hello Kate,
I just wanted to tell you what I enjoyed most about your book, The Price of Wisdom.  The way you described the 12 Steps was so simple and understandable and above all very human.  I wish I had been able to read this when I first came into the fellowship.  Also, the honest and interesting slant on human relationships - the difficulties and the joys within AA and Al-Anon moved me.
Like you, I was brought up during the war and your descriptions of things like rationing awakened many memories.  It was a real page turner and I have passed it on to friends.  We all hope you will be coming up with another one and it is not going to be a one-off!
With best wishes
Dorothy C

This is not more "misery lit" - this is both a great story and self help inspiration, 25 Oct 2009

This is a well told tale of Kate, her difficult childhood and how she tried to heal her childhood hurts by having a family of her own. But the fairytale marriage became a living hell because of alcoholism and the mind games that this disease plays. Kate could not save her dreams or her marriage but she was shown a way of saving herself, though the 12 Step recovery programme. Kate then gave her life over to this programme which meant giving up her home, her financial support and her children, but in return she found an inner strength and a different way of living. Through attending 12 Steps meetings her own "mind disease" was arrested. Kate had to learn that in order to change her life she had to change her thinking; that we create our own reality and that if we are negative in our thinking then we will live lives that are anxious, fearful, angry and confused. Kate then takes us through the 12 Steps of this recovery programme whereby we hand our lives over to a "God of our understanding"/ a Higher Power and are able to let go of the past and to live the only place where we can live - in the present moment. She is a living proof that if you work this programme, i.e. go through the steps, it works by giving an inner transformation. I strongly recommend this book - the first half is a rattling good yarn that I could not put down, and the second half explains really well why it was necessary for Kate to experience all that she did and what she then had to do in order to have the "spiritual awakening" that comes from working the 12 Steps of Recovery. The 12 Steps changed Kate's life and this book can change yours!

By Mrs. H. L. Rogers

"lover of self helf and rec... (London, England) -

The price of wisdom is a book that contains exactly what it says on the cover. I read this book in two evenings, for the simple reason, I couldn't put it down. It is easy reading, which doesn't intellectualise recovery. Kate's recovery though the 12 step programme of Al-Anon and AA is both a remarkable tale, as well as what anyone can achieve through following a spiritual journey. This book and Kate’s story will be an inspiration to both people who suffer from addiction problems, primarily alcohol and those who have suffered though someone else's drinking. Her story is not unusually tragic, but is a story that could be told by many thousands of women, and men. It is an ordinary true life story of love, marriage, hope and children that is twice shattered by both her husband’s drinking and their behaviour towards Kate and her children. It is a story of broken dreams, despair, fear, and total bewilderment as to what to do with her life and the lives of her children. She shows how it is possible to rise up out of the ashes of a broken home, having suffered mental, sexual, physical and financial abuse. It is an inspiration of hope over despair. It is a catalogue of forgiving in the most unforgiving circumstances. She shows that through both her husband’s being unfaithful, she is able to muster some true wisdom and rise above her pain in order that her and her children can survive. It would be so easy for her to be vindictive and harbour retaliation. She does not. She wants to recover from a lifetime of wanting to be loved. Rejected by her father her husband’s and in-laws, Kate comes to terms with her loses, and grows in mind, body and soul on a path that sees herself as a worthwhile perston, partner and mother. She grows through the grief of her life into a truly spiritual human being. If Kate can turn her life around, then this is a book that shows that anyone can. It is a story of ordinary folk, in ordinary times suffering very everyday problems that are caused through problems associated with the use and abuse of alcohol, coupled with a lifelong fight of wanting to be loved.!

M. lowther-harris (uk)