Along with the affirmation you can use the power of visualization.
Once you have achieved the basic laws to connect with the creative universe you can learn to use the technique to visualize your desires. One of the things we need to do before we get started is to relax into a deep quiet, meditative state of mind. Inner peace is the key that unlocks the door to the universal abundance.
This technique of using your imagination to create what you desire in your life, you may not have realized it, but you have been automatically using the power of creating your life by visualizing in an unconscious way.
Like myself, I was brought up in a world of struggle and hardships and rejection, therefore my underling belief was to imagine; limitation, lack and difficulties as my lot in life. So this is what I created for myself.
As part of my recovery from the past I used this technique to change my negative thinking into positive thinking.
I used it with my affirmations on a daily basic. I made time first thing in the morning and last thing at night and if I had some time I meditated during the day. I did this for many months. I do believe that to day all I have to do is think of what I need and within a day or to, I created the very thing I thought about. This really works.
I thought I would like a loving relationship, enough money to live a comfortable life. A loving relationship with my family. A convertible car. A visit to Australia to see my family over there. I visualised my home to be in good order. I even visualised exchanging the grass to slabs in my garden because the mowing hurt my back. It was amazing how everything in my life changed for the better.
I wrote about my home and how I made the decision to love it and bring it to life and make it a mirror of my life. The miracles were amazing; such as my book; The Price of Wisdom being published.
I had to learn to use my natural creative imagination in a more conscious way to create what I truly wanted. If anything came in to my mind that was negative i.e. something from the past hurts. I noticed them, and then changed the thought into something good and loving. (If you focus on them you will be giving them energy).
There is an abundance of good in the world. Look around, you are connected to it by a unified energy field and our thinking and imagination is like a magnetic energy which attracts energy of a similar nature. Have you ever thought of a person, then that person rings you, or you accidentally bump into them? Or have you thought of a book you would like to read? Then somehow the book shows up.
When we create something, we always create it first in a thought form. A thought or idea always precedes manifestation. I think I get some shopping is the idea which precedes going shopping. I want a new top You will find yourself in the store looking at tops. I do this all the time. I write down on a black board in my kitchen the things I need, like butter or milk, then, I forget about it. When Im shopping, the very thing I wrote comes into my mind, then I buy it, this is manufacturing my desires on a small scale. Do try this before you challenge the bigger desires.
An artist gets a picture in their mind before they create it. Some artists sit at a beauty spot and take in the scenery around them. You will find an artist is relaxed and calm because they are taking in nature. This is what I mean about getting the technique. Being in total peace with yourself and nature. Have you looked at some of the amazing work that an artist can create?
You can create anything you wish when you learn the technique to visualise your desire.
The principle that; whatever you put into the universe will be reflected back to you As you sew, so shall you reap is true
We will always attract into our lives whatever we think about most, believe in the most strongly, expect on the deepest levels or imagine most vividly. This is the reason why we have to clear the way and let go of the past. Born anew if you like. I wrote in my book that it was as if a trap door opened for me when my life turned around after working the twelve step program. A new beginning to make choices for a better future.
If you feel ready to begin to choose a new way of living you can begin now in this moment. Its all in a thought.
I taught myself to relax by putting on tape affirmations I loved to hear. Id play the positive words and affirmations over and over again.
To meditate, I would sit, or lie down; keeping my back straight and then Id focused on my heart. Id visualised a light coming from my heart growing bigger and bigger until I was a glow. Id stay like this for a moment or two and feel the love of the universe flowing though me.
I then picture a place where it was peaceful and beautiful and I could see birds flying and the warm sun on the lake glittering. Id make my picture alive by hearing the wind rustlings a little in the trees. Ill smell the scent of flowers, feel the grass between my toes as I walked in bare feet, and taste the strawberries that were growing along the way. Id use all my senses to see, hear, smell, feel and taste. Id say an affirmation such as;
I am, an open channel of creative energy. Then I would see my self in a situation of my desire. You can play with your mind and create your own desires; there is so much you can do. You can be anywhere, On the top of a mountain, in a meadow amongst buttercups and butterflies of all colours flittering around. You could be on a river and watching the Kingfishers doing what Kingfisher do.
You can be on any level, a job, a house, change in yourself, a relationship, a financial situation, improved health, a weight problem. You can create any situation exactly as you want it. You should think of it in the present tense as if it already exists. Picture yourself with the situation you desire with as many details as you can. Do this as many times as you can. Being your mental picture to mind often, not only when meditating but through out the day when you think about it. This is how you make it an integrated part of your life. Then it will become more of a reality for you. Keep your focus on your desire in a light and gentle way Its really important not to feel you are striving too hard for it or put an excessive amount of energy into it. The more you let go and wait for the universe to work towards your desire, the faster it will come. You can use it for difficult situations like feeling discouraged or frustrated about a problem. Ask yourself or your higher power if there is a way you can create visualization to help you.
A few moments of conscious, positive thinking, visualising, or meditating can balance out many years of the past negative thinking patterns.